Mother’s Milk Or Infant Formula

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Most doctors and pediatricians recommend that a mother’s milk is the best nutrition for babies and that is adequate for the first six months as the sole food for them. Mother’s milk is easy to digest and contains vital nutrients which help to form the immunity system and promote healthy development of a baby. For these reasons mother’s milk is the best food for a growing baby. Even after a baby has semi solid food, the same needs to be supplemented by mother’s milk, which ensures overall and healthy development of a baby. However, often, a mother is unable to feed a baby or cannot generate adequate milk. In these circumstances, baby or infant formula needs to be given. You can visit this article for complete reviews about the advantages of infant formula.

Formulations of different kinds

Infant formula can come in different forms such as liquid or liquid concentrate as well as in powder form. For babies who cannot be breastfed, the baby formula food is the primary source of nutrition for all babies and infants. These formulations are prepared with iron and vitamins, which are required in the first months and even in the first few years of a baby’s life. The formulation acts as a healthy and safe substitute for breast milk for which many mothers and parents choose an infant formulation for their babies. 

History of baby formula

If you look at the time when baby formulas were first introduced in the market, Nestle was the premier brand which launched this kind of a mixture that could be fed to a baby. Many babies who are born premature are often unable to feed from their mothers. For these babies, the baby formulations in the market are the only source of food and nutrition. Nowadays, several brands have introduced baby formulations in the market.

Production of baby formula

When you are seeking the best baby formula for newborns, you will want to be assured of the reliability of the brand. Only established baby product brands introduce formulations and market them after undergoing stringent tests and abiding by standards set by the food regulatory authorities in every country. As baby food needs to be produced under sterile conditions and in a way that the ingredients are easily digested by infants, the process of making baby formulations are elaborate and need quality manufacturing processes and units.

How to choose a product

Nowadays there are several choices in the types of baby formula available in the market. Those who are new parents of an infant, choosing the right brand and product might be difficult and confusing. Usually infant formulations are fortified with iron while some are based on soy milk. Others have specific vitamins that are added to the baby food. Again, the choice of flavors, that of fruits or whole grains adds to the number of choices available in the market. Many parents usually confer with the pediatrician in order to know the best and reliable brands that they can buy. Some babies show intolerance of certain ingredients and accordingly the doctors need to prescribe the safest baby food that will not produce adverse effects in the baby.